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SueB Earl

SueB Earl, MPT
Foot and Lower
Kinetic Chain Specialist

Foot Orthotics are not just for your feet!

Appropriate foot orthotics not only support both of your feet, but also optimize force attenuation through the "lower kinetic chain"—your feet, ankles, knees, hips to low back. Your feet and ankles serve as the foundation for how forces are transmitted up the "chain". SueB Earl, MPT, owner of FootWork, provides a comprehensive evaluation of the feet and lower kinetic chain to design a custom foot orthotic device to achieve the best match for your specific needs.


SueB specilizes in evaluation and treatment of the feet and lower kinetic chain while employed as a Physical Therapist by Mercy Integrated Physical Therapy. Poor foot mechanics not only cause pain in the foot, but also contribute to dysfunction and pain in the knees, hips and lower back. To appropriately assess the effect foot mechanics have on the "chain", a clinician must be trained in evaluating those joints! That's where SueB's comprehensive evaluation sets FootWork apart from other professionals providing foot orthotics. SueB utilizes her physical therapy skills, post graduate training and 15 years experience in foot orthotic application to perform the appropriate biomechanical assessment of the foot to the low back.

Call for an appointment today. SueB Earl, MPT and Footwork will work with you to get the custom orthotics you want and need because it is not just about the feet.